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The Fireman and his Estate Agent…

Or, more precisely, the day Reggie married Lisa. Theirs was a slightly longer journey to this day, having actually met eight years earlier. Back then, Lisa’s office overlooked some traffic lights where Reggie’s fire truck stopped and she always used to wave to the firemen. Everyone had noticed the pretty blonde girl with the striking blue eyes but Reggie was the lucky one to end up with her phone number.

Although it didn’t quite work out then they always stayed in touch over the years and eventually, eight years later, Reggie realised he had made a mistake. Big mistake. Huge. Amazingly, they did get back together and this time for keeps. So, there we were at Great Fosters for their fun, emotional and fab wedding…

And here they are, the Highlights:

Photography for the day provided by Studio Rouge and Lisa’s make up by Charlotte Elizabeth