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Wedding Video from Great Fosters

Winter Wedding video

Ines was filming a wedding on the 3rd Jan with the wedding ceremony held at a lovely church in Reigate followed by the wedding reception in the Tithe Barn at Great Fosters in Egham.

With the cold snap that weekend , she said the journey home was a tad scary with a lot of black ice on the local roads.

SEO Consultant injured again .. nothing ever changes

Busy times for both myself and Ines from Vis-a-Video , I have been suffering from a few injuries which forced me out of the Leatherhead Enduro at Aldershot , which by all accounts was a tough one. I did however decide to do a late entry for the Boxing Day Enduro held in Liphook ( Hampshire ). Before the day started I already had bike issues , with the electric start not working. I decided that I would still enter and just use the kick start.

The start was a “Le Mans” style with a short run to your bike , I was in the sportsman class just ahead of the quads and sidecars, however once I reached my bike I found I could not kick it over. By the time I got it started the whole 340 entrants had ridden off.

I set off in a very slow pace with my main goal to complete a full 3 hours , however I soon found out that the kill switch would now and again engage and kill the engine. Restarting was a complete nightmare and after 90 mins I had just made it round one lap , have fallen off several times and then nearly dying trying to restart it.

I saw another friend of mine by the side of the track , who had a rather nasty off and later found out he had broken his right ankle. We both decided to head back to the pits and retire.

Having had an enduro bike for just over 12 months I decided it was time to take all the fairings and fuel tank off and give it a good clean , and boy does it need it. I am also going to put some new platics on her and a new set of graphics for 09.

I have booked myself into the 2 day REME enduro course in Bagshot on 14-15th Feb , plus have now started a strict keep fit regime. At the rip old age of 44 I have no strenght or endurance, and have set a goal by July to be 2 stone light and a lot fitter. Bob Hardwick a fellow TRF member and rider has given me a weight training and aerobic programme to follow.