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Wokefield Park Wedding Reception – April + James

When we set off for the wedding of April and James the prognosis was not good. Rain. And lots of it. It started off well enough, with some actual sunshine. April and the girls were getting ready at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Marlow, with the ceremony scheduled at All Saints Church, Marlow. The theme was ‘red’, with the bridesmaids’ dresses a stunning floor-length ‘very red’ and giant glass tubes filled with beautiful red apples at the reception at Wokefield Park. We’ve been to Wokefield a few times recently, funny how that happens – you don’t see a venue for years and suddenly you can’t get away from it 🙂

So, even though lulled into a false sense of security by the early bright weather and therefore still hopeful, unfortunately it didn’t last. The heavens opened just as April was getting into her dress, and I don’t mean just a little bit. I’ve never seen a girl run so fast in slingback heels…So it rained. A lot. But…as soon as we arrived at Wokefield Park we stepped into some kind of parallel universe, with, schizophrenically, the most beautiful sunshine. You would be forgiven if you thought you were in two different weddings here – we did!

Their contemporary photography was provided by the amazing Studio Rouge, whose Keith Thompson has just been awarded a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ in photography at the SWPP photography convention. I’ve been working with Keith/ Studio Rouge for over ten years now and I always knew he was awesome but now it’s official! You can see some of their shots of April and James’ wedding on their Studio Rouge Blog.

And here are April and James’ highlights, they wanted just music, no talking and black and white bits thrown in, so that’s what they got:

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