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Wedding Venues in Berkshire – Wedding filmed at Wokefield Park

Wedding of Ruchi and Vishnu | Wokefield House

Ines ‘vidchick’ Telling


The weekend before last saw me head off to film at Wokefield Park near Reading in Berkshire, which is a wedding venue I have last filmed at in 2005 – WOW! It certainly has had a face lift since then and looks very nice.

If you are currently looking for a Wedding Venue in Berkshire let me tell you a bit about  Wokefield Park and why you may want to consider it for your wedding day: Wokefield Park is currently owned and run by the De Vere Venues group. I have filmed many weddings at their venues all over the the country throughout my eighteen years and De Vere’s generally run a very smooth and professional service . Wokefield Mansion Houseis beautifully set in over 250 acres of tranquil parkland in the heart of the Berkshire countryside. The Venue offers :

  • Personal wedding design service- bespoke packages for you
  • A complimentary bedroom for the Bride and Groom on the night of the wedding and includes breakfast
  • Your guests can take advantage of our special accommodation rates to stay over before and after you wedding

The Venue is located near Mortimer and beside holding Weddings and functions it also has a Championship Golf Course should you or any of your guests be big golf players. The house is used as a conference centre as well as by KPMG, BMW/MINI and the Xerox Corporation as their European Training and Digital Document Centre.

Best Man As Companion-in-ordinary
With the bride’s and groom’s luggage properly bestowed, the ring and fee in his pocket, the groom’s traveling clothes at the bride’s house, the groom in complete wedding attire, and himself also ready, the best man has nothing further to do but be gentleman-in-waiting to the groom until it is time to escort him to the church, where he becomes chief of staff.

Today I was filming the wedding of Ruchi and Vishnu, who had a civil ceremony in  the Lincoln Suite, followed by a Hindu ceremony in the ballroom. The guests were advised that if they wished to change now would be a good time. While I was filming Ruchi’s getting dressed for the Hindu ceremony Vishnu had  mounted a beautifully decorated horse and assembled about 75 of his family and friends for the Bharat – a procession from the main entrance of Wokefield Park all the way around the outside to the side entrance, accompanied by much singing, dancing and – most amazingly – the same fabulous Dhol drummers I have met before at Helena and Ketan’s wedding. In fact, Helena and Ketan were there, as I was there on their recommendation, plus the latest addition to their family: I got to meet the gorgeous Anoushka! After the Hindu Ceremony the Bride and Groom had a firework display in the grounds of the Mansion, then they and the 250 guests headed off to the wedding breakfast, speeches, cake cutting and first dance. Today was another opportunity to meet and work with a photographer I had not worked with before. In addition to this official photographer, who actually specialises in Hindu weddings in London, the groom’s family had also flown in their own Hindu photographer from Glasgow. Talk about media frenzy!!! With top filming positions at a premium it did get quite cosy at times…


At the end of the day Peter ( 2nd camera assistant ) and myself had filmed for a full twelve hours, and unknown to us the Venue had mislaid our meals, so all we had all day was a cup of tea GASP :-()   Despite some challenging conditions we managed to get some great footage and I am really looking forward to editing their wedding. In the meantime, here are a few current samples of my work and even if you have already booked a wedding videographer and just want some help and inspiration just get in touch…  Until next time …