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Winter wedding venue at Great Fosters

First Wedding Video of the Year … the season now begins

I have a new toy!! Last week I paid a visit to Visual Impact in Teddington and treated myself to Sony’s brand-new interchangeable wide-angle lens for my High Definition Sony Z7 camera – very expensive, but sooo worth it! As Sony had delayed the release of this lens a couple of times I have been waiting months for this and had to use a stick-on third-party wide-angle in the meantime. The difference in picture quality is stunning and I’m more than pleased to finally have got my mitts on one!

At the same time I also got myself a fisheye for my third camera, Sony’s smallest professional HD camcorder with added balanced XLR audio line inputs. I use this on an extended monopod to get very high level shots of churches and large rooms in venues for added funkiness.

And I got my chance to play with my new toys last Saturday when I filmed my first wedding of the year. The ceremony was held at St Mary’s in Reigate, which is set on a small hill and probably dates back to the 13th century. It is a beautiful church with a great sense of space. The central columns of the aisle are decorated in different styles and are part of the original, 13th century church.

The weather played ball, it was a beautiful sunny day, if a little crisp and so Lizzie, my bride, was able to walk to the church from her parents house nearby. She wore a beautifully simple wedding dress with a little fur cape – very elegant.

Lizzie’s sister works for the BBC, so we had an interesting crowd and no one was too shy, which was just great. After a lovely ceremony we went on to Great Fosters in Egham, a Grade One Elizabethan listed building and Historic Monument in an estate of over fifty acres for a reception with mulled wine and champagne.

The wedding breakfast, which was served in the Tithe Barn, was unarguably one of the best I have ever had the fortune to taste, the food really was excellent. The room looked absolutely fabulous, with lots and lots of huge candelabras as centrepieces on every table.

At this stage David and Anne Ward, the photographers, were done and ready to leave. We hadn’t worked together before, but they were both very nice and we got on rather well. I had a sneak peek at their website and I rather like their surreal B/W shots…

Everything ended up running quite late, so we just managed to squeeze in the first dance before 10pm. We had a live band for the evening and I got talking to the (Brazilian) bass player, Kita Steuer , who incidentally played a beautiful 1972 Fender Jazz Bass.

The band was one of the best I’ve come across, the lead vocalist was fantastic…but the best bit? Her shoes…

I have just started to learn Tango, so I might need a pair myself soon…  😉