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Get ‘a mate’ to ‘do your wedding’…?!

Wedding Venues in Surrey – Ramster


I just had a phone call from a couple with an enquiry. It is a little short notice. It’s next Thursday. How come they left it so late? Were they not going to have a wedding film initially? No. Did they forget to book one? No again. Unbelievably, they were just let down by the videographer they thought they’d booked.

The reason? Well, I gave the man the benefit of the doubt, thought he’d probably had some personal tragedy befall him or his family – but no, he had ‘double-booked’ the day. He then offered the groom an alternative – ‘a mate of his could do it’. Needless to say they declined politely and have now ended up at Vis-à-Video. Good for me – and possibly good for them, ultimately. Luckily, I had the date available and I shall do my absolute best to make up for the stress they had to go through and give them a wedding film they will absolutely love and cherish!

I will also get to work with Laurence and Ella Bulaitis, who I worked with before and hadn’t seen for a while, but remembered when a couple booked me for their wedding in 2010 last week. They had also booked Laurence Photography and I gave them a call to jog our memory. We discovered we live and work only four miles from each other, so I popped in the other day for a chat. This turned out to be a very good call, as I have now been able to pick up the pieces for David and Natalie next Thursday.

Ella and Laurence are a very nice couple and I love their work – their style is not dissimilar to mine and so I would say we complement each other perfectly. They are great people to work with and I am looking forward to doing so much more in the future.

I am also excited about this as I get to check out a new venue – well, new to me as I have not worked at Ramster before. I sniffed out their website and it looks a fab place to have a wedding with plenty of atmosphere. Originally built by a glass-maker near Chiddingfold, Guildford, Surrey it dates back to the early 17th century and also has an over 600 year old oak tree called ‘Old Harry’ – I can’t wait and shall report back soon!