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Wedding Videos from Exeter – Devon

Wedding filmed at Combe House

by Ines ‘vidchick’ Telling

What a strange week it’s been ! We got a booking to film a wedding in Devon last year and last week Mr T got invited to a close friend’s 50th birthday in Honiton in Devon of all places, only 10 miles from where I would be filming. We left Epsom Friday afternoon, went via Leatherhead to speak to Magnet about our final kitchen plans – I can’t wait now!!! – and then headed to Devon. True to form the M25 was at a standstill so putting our faith into TomTom we headed off piste via Guildford, Farnham, joined the M3 at junction 4a and managed to miss the M25 traffic. Next stop was Stonehenge for a spot of lunch and then onto Rower Fort, our final destination. Just enough time to meet up with our friends, a few beers and some home cooked food, then final check on equipment before filming the next day. Peter, my sidekick, was driving up late that night, so we would be meeting up at Combe House the next day, where the wedding would be held. I had never filmed there before, but I was going to be working with David Pullum, a wedding photographer who I had worked with earlier this year at Highclere Castle near Newbury.

Sunday was a very relaxing day and we all headed down to Seatown for a lovely stroll on the beach and a little climb up a coastal path before heading back to Rower Fort for a great BBQ. Next week I am filming a wedding a little closer to home, at Tylney Hall Hotel in Rotherwick, so check back next week for an update on that.