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VIS-à-VIDEO does 3 weddings back to back

2 day Wedding video in Marlow – then London for filming of Jewish Wedding

Well what can I say everyone is in Wimbledon fever ….and wondering if Federer can win the grand slam and VIS-à-VIDEO is rolling with her own Grand Slam by doing 3 weddings back to back ….. unbelievable. On Friday & Saturday Ines was filming in Hambleden near Marlow. The bride was French Canadian and the groom is from a Iranian German background a truly multi cultural wedding.

Today Ines is filming an Australian Jewish wedding at the Waldorf Hilton in London , and will hopefully finish filming round midnight tonight , she got home last night from Hutton’s Farm around 3 am so she is certainly putting in the hours.

Steeped in history and elegance, The Waldorf Hilton hotel is the perfect setting for your big day. From menus to decoration, their dedicated weddings coordinator will ensure everything runs smoothly. Further information about a wedding at this London venue please visit their site

We have had some issues with the car lately and was starting to notice the air conditioning was not working properly. After asking a few friends do they visit their local VW dealer or find a specialist , every one suggested a local specialist. So after a bit of “googling” we found an air conditioning specialist near Guildford.

Well without going into to much detail they worked on and off the car for 10 days and having replaced several internal components we got very nervous as we had the 3 day wedding coming up and asked them to just get the car in a drive able condition so we could book it into our local VW dealer who have a air conditioner specialist in the dealership.

So after paying the specialist over £200 we now face a bill from VW for over £1800 , I guess this the problem with cars .. they will always have something go wrong with them just when you dont need it.

Tomorrow I am off for my first visit to the physio after my accident last month , so I will blog about this next time