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James & Lucy – Northbrook Park


Saturday March 19th 2010

Northbrook Park Venue Showcase

Here is a little sample clip from their whole wedding film, just to showcase Northbrook Park, a bit of marquée reception, the Vine Room all decked out and beautifully decorated and some evening entertainment and dancing…

This Saturday saw me head off to Farnham in Surrey to film the wedding of Lucy and James at Northbrook Park, a Wedding Venue near Bentley.

Instead of working with my usual side kick (read: husband), I was working with Peter Ford, a senior camera operator from London for the first time. Simon is recovering after a recent shoulder operation at the Epsom General Hospital under the guidance of the apparently famous Consultant Daniel Mok.

Small world really, as the recent wedding Vis-a-Video filmed in Hampshirehad a large contingent of orthopaedic surgeons and Danny Mok turned out to be a friend of the Bride’s Father (although he didn’t make the wedding).

On Saturday, Peter and I started filming at the Church as Lucy, the Bride, preferred to have additional footage of the evening reception after the First Dance instead.

Lucy and James’ church ceremony was held at St. Andrews Parish Church in Farnham

Wedding Church Ceremony at Northbrook Park

Here are some interesting facts about this church, should you ever consider having your Wedding Ceremony there:

-Listed by English Heritage at Grade 1 and has a heritage going back to the 12th Century when Thomas a Becket was Archbishop of Canterbury.

-Powers-that-be in 2006 saw fit to “update” the interior for the 21st century by removing ancient pews (sold on eBay)

-Outside the porch is the grave of the great William Cobbett, writer and reformer

-Supposedly one of the more haunted churches in the country

After the church ceremony it was only a short drive to Northbrook Park, a stunning Wedding Venue for the Reception.

Their website states: “one of the finest Surrey Wedding Venues”, this was my first time there and I can confirm that it is a truly beautiful place.

The theme for the Wedding was ‘Retro Spring’, with the girls in ice cream colours and the  Venue decorated in gorgeous fresh spring colours – just the thing after this horrendous winter! The snow drops were out, the Wedding Breakfast was being served in the Vine Room and it looked absolutely stunning.Wedding Reception Room at Northbrook Park

Northbrook Park is also home to six peacocks who provided the most entertaining sound effects during the speeches. Interesting fact of the day: Did you know peacocks could fly? Well, I didn’t but I do now and here is the proof, he was off onto the roof:

Flying Peacock at Northbrook Park

I would recommend you head over to Northbrook Park’s web site to have a read about the venue and possibly book a coffee and a show around with Debbie – oh, and do mention VIS-a-VIDEO if you do 😉

After filming the Wedding Breakfast and Speeches it was time for the First Dance and straight after this Lucy had a surprise up her sleeve: She was going to sing a song. With the Band. To her parents.Northbrook Park Evening ReceptionAnd she absolutely ROCKED it!!

Soon, it was time to pack up the gear and head home – me back to Epsom and Peter back to London.

I now have a small break, well, one week end off filming weddings, so am back in the studio editing the next batch of wedding videos. Since Peter is also an Apple certified Motion and Final Cut Pro trainer and editor (handy!) he will be editing with me next week just so I can get my feet back on the ground – they’re still dangling from last season!!

Meanwhile, I have not one but two lame ducks in the house. Not only is Simon incapacitated after his shoulder op, but Pip the cockatiel has mysteriously lost all his flight feathers off his left wing over night after an ‘incident’ and has been doing very authentic brick impressions when attempting to fly. Poor thing, it’s going to take a few weeks before they grow back. So, the race is on – Man against Cockatiel, who will be fit again first??!!