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Wedding Videos – Berkshire – Highclere Castle

Winter Wedding in Winchester – Wedding Film from Highclere Castle

Yesterday Ines and her assistant Simon left leafy Surrey and headed down the M3 to beautiful Hampshire to film the wedding of Joanna and David in Winchester. They arrived in the small village of Sutton Scotney just after 10:30 to film the bridal preparations at Joanna’s parents’ home.

After capturing the bride getting ready it was a short drive into the centre of Winchester to the Roman Catholic church of St. Peter’s. Luckily the bride’s parents had arranged for Ines to park in the church car park which made unloading and setting up a delight. Normally it is a case of finding somewhere to park and then Ines and her assistant have to carry the two camera bags, three cameras and tripods to the church and set up.

Unusually today, the bride arrived ten minutes early (*panic ensues!*) so it was “action stations” to ensure all cameras were rolling. After the church service the bride and groom got into the beautiful white Rolls Royce and drove the 30 minutes to Highclere Castle for the wedding reception.

Highclere Castle is one of Ines’ favorite wedding venues in Berkshire – she is fortunate enough to  be recommended supplier here and therefore has filmed at this fantastic wedding venue many times in the past. The fantastically capable Michelle impresses every time with the immaculate running of her events. If you have never been to Highclere Castle near Newbury before I would highly recommend you have a visit and speak to Michelle about your wedding requirements, their service really is second to none.

Here is one of our recent wedding video samples of Highclere Castle:



Highclere has been the home of the 8th Earl and Countess of Carnarvon since the late Earl died in 2001 – you may recognise the name Carnarvon, he sponsored a series of excavations in the Valley of the Kings, led by the Egyptologist Howard Carter, before discovering in 1922 the astonishing treasure of the tomb of Tutankhamun, the richest burial site ever found. The discovery made him famous throughout the world, and if you do hold your wedding reception at Highclere there is the chance to view the Egyptian Exhibition in the Castle cellars. If you love horses, Highclere Castle also hosts many equestrian events throughout the year.
After the drinks reception of champagne and mulled wine the guests, who were mainly doctors and surgeons had the chance to mingle and chat with each other before Joanna, David and parents greeted everyone as they progressed along the receiving line and then sat down for dinner. Normally, this is the only break the wedding videographer and photographer get to have their own meal, on this occasion, however, they had not been briefed about the ‘Three Waiters’ who were due to perform their act during the meal. So after nearly ten hours of filming still no rest for the wicked!

Luckily, they managed to grab a starter before the ‘Three Waiters’ entertained the guests around the dinner tables and shortly after this the speeches commenced, followed by Joanna and David cutting their wedding cake and heading off to the dance floor for their first dance.
By 9:30 pm, and eleven hours of filming, Ines and Simon had finished, so after a much deserved cup of tea, a thank you to the bride’s mother and quick goodbye to Michelle they departed to  head back to Epsom in Surrey.

As you may know, Simon has accumulated several injuries over the years through various pursuits of action sports, so he would like to say a big thank you to Helen King who specialises in advanced clinical sports massage. Her recent treatment has helped Simon assist Ines with this very long day filming a wedding video in Hampshire and Berkshire.

Ines is now safely ensconced in the studio once again as she is still catching up with last season’s backlog and also recently spent five days filming the charity pantomime ‘Adventure in Pantoland’ for G.A.P.S. at the Hawth near Crawley. So, until the next outing, this is the cockpit signing off…