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Abi + Jamie – when life gives you lemons…

…use them as your wedding theme! Which is exactly what Abi and Jamie did for their wedding last year…and even if the sun hadn’t come out everything still would have looked so, well…sunny. So, if you ever wondered what someone who has lived and breathed wedding photography from the age of nine, has won numerous awards including wedding photographer of the year and a doctor would choose for their own wedding – well, this is it.

Although the main vibe of the day was definitely ‘happy’ there was an underlying poignancy throughout as Jamie’s Mum Debbie, who sadly passed away, could not actually join in in a physical sense but was certainly with them in a spiritual way – all the way!

Being in the same room at The Aviator as Jamie’s sister Lynsey’s wedding to Chris a couple of years ago made it all the more significant and I don’t know how Jamie made it through his speech without completely losing it – I did!

So, lemons = sunny = happy. I’d go along with that. Add to that ice cream vans, oversized fat yellow balloons and a few pairs of yellow Converse All Stars…ah, just see for yourself, Highlights time!

The impressive and extensive beautification process was courtesy of Charlotte Elizabeth, the absolutely stunning flowers and decor were supplied by the fabulous Cherubs Floral Design, photographer-friends in official roles were Neil Horne, Stuart Bebb and Gary and Sue Williams. If you fancy a bit of the lovely Jamie (and he IS lovely) for yourself – to photograph your wedding, you understand! – he usually hangs out at Studio Rouge with the rest of the gang.