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Winter Wedding at Wisbech – Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire Wedding Venues – Wisbech

Last weekend saw me heading back to Wisbech for the sixth time – yes, I had been recommended and passed around that much since 2004.  The only worry was being snowed in on Epsom Downs. On Tuesday Simon had to abandon the car after trying for about two hours to get up any of the surrounding hills to the downs, with our little road being the worst for snow and ice, nearly two feet of the stuff. That’s what you get for living in a cul-de-sac – no gritters…ever! Taking no chances, we dug out the car we had managed to retrieve on Friday and travelled up a day early to stay at a Premier Inn in Kings Lynn. Armed for a possible combat situation with shovels, bags of grit, blankets, flasks of hot drinks, rubber mats and torches we discovered that about five minutes along the M25 there was absolutely NO SNOW…at all. No wonder they didn’t believe us when Simon couldn’t get into work on Wednesday .

We just managed to check in when a bus full of wedding guests arrived from Liverpool, which then took the one girl at reception about two hours to check in. Phew.

Saturday Peter joined us from North London and he and I headed off for a day’s filming while Simon was off to Bury St Edmunds to catch up with friends from his Regiment days.  Peter and I finished filming and had arranged to meet Simon at the Burger King at Newmarket to hand me over and travel back to Andy & Kim’s at Bury for the night.

Here are Amy and Andy’s Wisbech Wedding Video Highlights:

Sunday saw us all head into Bury for a lovey lunch at Carluccio’s where I discovered the most divine drinking chocolate ever. Naturally, I had to purchase a tin and various biscuit samples to go with it.

Now it’s back in the studio to try and get as many brides and grooms their wedding film before Christmas, always a mad rush, weird as you would think this should be the quiet time for wedding videographers, yet always ends up the most manic. I don’t think I have even had time for Christmas myself since, ooohhh….at least 2005. This year I’m hoping to get to Germany to see my family at Christmas for the first time since I moved to England in 1989!!

With all weddings at least filmed for 2010 and the first 2011 wedding not until 2 January on behalf of Vis-a-Video may we wish you a very happy Xmas and a brillant New Year and I will keep you posted on all things wedding related in 2011.