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Wedding from Wasing Park – West Berkshire

Wedding of James and Kelly – Wedding Video by Ines Telling

Summer weddings finally over, and this was my last wedding video for this month as we head into winter. This Saturday saw Peter and I head back to Wasing Park in West Berkshire, as you probably have gathered by now after 18 years in the wedding industry there aren’t many wedding venues I have not filmed at before. 😆   Kelly  and James ( Bride & Groom) are from Oxford and found my me via Google


The couple got married in the grounds of Wasing Park at the St.Nicolas Parish church, with around 65 guests at the church ceremony, with many of the congregation from Greece.

Wasing Park always take care of the suppliers and yesterday we enjoyed the same meal as the wedding guests – duck starter with lamb as the main course, served at the same time as the guests’ – always helpful, as that is the only time we can actually take a break.

And talking of breaks – I now have a three week break before my next wedding in November , so I will be heading back into my studio for a few weeks to catch up with all the editing – a dance show with over 200 DVDs and a cheer leader training DVD, as well as the last few weeks worth of weddings!