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Michaella and Chris at St Andrew’s Church, Cobham

Unusual wedding venue in Surrey – The Medicine Garden

Wedding Venues in Surrey


This weekend Chris and I got to film locally in Surrey, which was a nice change; even though based in Epsom most of my filming has been in every other county but Surrey. So it was extra-lovely to first meet the Bride’s family at their home in Cobham to film Michaella’s preparations while Chris headed off to The Plough for light refreshments with the boys.

We got booked only two weeks before this wedding, at first Michaella and Chris were not going to have a video but as Chris has filmed a few weddings for friends himself they actually really enjoyed watching them back so at the last minute decided to have one themselves. So, particularly if you enjoyed watching the video footage of the Royal Wedding, remember to book your videographer as well as your photographer.

So Chris and I eventually met up at St Andrew’s Church, where we prepared to film our very own Royal Wedding. As the vicar quite rightly pointed out, every wedding is a Royal Wedding and he had everyone in stitches with his “Hail Queen Michaella and Hail King Chris”. I had filmed at St Andrew’s once or twice before, so I knew about the little quirk of the bride arriving on one side of the gardens and the married couple leaving from the opposite side.

After the wedding ceremony we headed off to the wedding reception, which was held at The Medicine Garden in Cobham. Even though I’ve been a Surrey girl for over 20 years I had never heard of it before so was intrigued…Paul, the owner discovered this, then derelict, Victorian Walled Garden in 2006 and had this vision to restore the old Victorian glasshouse ever since. It is an ongoing project, so worth checking back every now and then. So far there have been eight olive trees planted as part of the restoration of the compass-based garden, each representing a direction of the compass.

The reception was held in a marquée and one of the highlights for me were the speeches, very eloquent, well-spoken and entertaining. The food was also excellent, it all looked so beautiful, it was like being in an episode of Master Chef. And with the lead singer of the quite brilliant band looking like Mitchell from ‘Being Human‘, I was a happy camper, me 😉