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VIS-a-VIDEO – The show must go on

Phew – I have just finished editing the Phillomena School of Dance and The Pink Ladies Cheerleaders bi-annual dance show.

Thank God for Chief Morale Officer Pip (above), who is actually working overtime at the moment – and what a show! I have been filming for them for the last 8 years now and it’s been great to watch all these girls evolve and grow over the years. There are some fabulous dancers in this show, including one very brave boy!

This year the costumes have also been absolutely fantastic – hats off to all the ladies helping out with those, mainly Lynda’s Mum. It also has to be the longest show yet, including half an hour of outtakes, awards ceremony and thank you’s it’s just under four hours long! Some production. All I have to do now is produce 140 copies of the double DVD by Saturday…

On a personal note we just had word that our little baby cockatiel we are waiting for (it’s been hand reared and is being weaned as we speak) is actually a female, which is what we were hoping for. Great, this DNA testing, only takes three feathers. Our current flock, Foster, female, 19, Colin, male, 9 and Pip, male, 4 years old will have somebody else to play with soon! Can’t wait…All we need now is a decent name, but so far can’t think of anything. Ideas on a postcard, please…?!

Can’t wait to get back to editing weddings now, I have just treated myself to some professional colour grading software and can’t wait to get my hands on it to play…and plenty of edits to try it out on waiting on the shelf…