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The Year I got recommended by Gosfield Hall…twice!

Last Year I had the pleasure of filming at Gosfield Hall twice, one Summer and one Winter Wedding. One of them had an Iranian Ceremony as well as a Civil Ceremony. I also received a wonderful email from Ian and Louise who got married in 2005 at Great Fosters, just to let me know how they still enjoyed watching their Wedding Video. Fantastic!!


“I wanted to let you know we have received the DVD this morning and watched it immediately…it is excellent, well done and thank you. We are very happy 🙂 Some of the shots you have captured are remarkable. You have done an excellent job! You have a very satisfied customer who will be recommending you to friends and family.”

Hope & Scott, 23 August 2008, Gosfield Hall, Gosfield, Essex


“We recently received our Wedding Video and were blown away. I have shown it to friends and family and they cant believe how incredible it is. Ines – you are a true genius and knowing that I have this to look at forever makes me so happy. I just hope we don’t wear the discs out! Thank you Ines for portraying exactly how magical the day was.”

Laura & Jamie, 14 September 2008, South Lodge, Lower Beeding


“Just wanted to let you know that we have received our DVD and are so pleased with it. There are so many parts of the day that we missed and this brought it all back to us!! …It was everything we could have hoped for and more!! …We have already watched it 5 times!!! It is absolutely fantastic.

…Once again, thank you so very much for an absolutely stunning video.”

Sarah & Jody, 28 July 2008, Leez Priory, Hartford End, Essex


“We received the DVD a few days back, and managed to get through most of the blockbuster! You have done a great job…It really is special, and so far, we have been blown away by it…

…We managed to finish the third DVD on Saturday – what a great job! You have really captured the magic of the day. We are thrilled with it…Its a treasure and a memory that will live long into the future…”

Helena & Ketan, 6 September 2008, Highclere Castle, Newbury


“We absolutely love it – thank you so much…There’s a lot to enjoy, but we were delighted by the editing and soundtrack, especially the apposite use of music / lyrics which matched the mood or events going on in the frame. Seamless, artistic and beautiful. You caught so much important stuff from the day.”

Elise & Marcus, 5 July 2008, Woburn Abbey, Woburn


“Thanks for our DVD. We’re both really pleased with it and think it’s an amazing reflection of our day.”Cheryl & Eden, 9 August 2008, Phyllis Court Club, Henley-on-Thames”We must say a huge thank you for our fabulous wedding DVD. After deciding to have a DVD at the last minute I’m so glad you were recommended to us. The finished DVD is utterly professional & exactly what we wished for. You have captured the atmosphere of the day perfectly & somehow managed to feature every guest, which was especially important as our photographer was unable to do a group shot due to rain. On the day you were slick & unobtrusive. We love the highlights, a perfect length to show everyone, & they all agree how brilliant your work is. It is an amazing keepsake of our day & really takes us back & lets us relive all the special moments. We will be recommending you to everyone we know.”Vicky & Peter, 29 March 2008, Farnham Castle, Farnham”It looks wonderful and we are very pleased with it thank you, we can tell that you have put so much work into it!”

Stacey & Anthony, 2 August 2008, Waddesdon Manor, Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire



“Thank you so much for your magnificent video we absolutely love it, you have certainly excelled our expectations of our Wedding Video. We have enjoyed it so much that I have watched it at least 30 times since receiving it!!

What makes its special is the way you have synchronised our music choices with the actions of everyone as well as the general atmosphere of the day. We are absolutely delighted that you have captured all those little things that made our special day as well as everyone and those individuals that mean so much to us. We love the Highlights at the end of the dvd and the fact that they are in black and white which makes this a Timeless Masterpiece. Once again, thank you so much.”

Clare & Alan, 28 June 2008, Silvermere Golf Club, Cobham, Surrey


“We watched the DVDs last night and think they are Absolutely FANTASTIC. Really pleased and excited the way you have pulled all the footage together – really slick – a great job. It is obvious you have put a lot of effort and professionalism into the end product.

…The…DVDs you have produced provide us a fantastic record of the Special Day, I would say you exceeded our expectations and we are all very pleased with the DVDs. Again – Many Thanks for a great job – you captured all the great bits of a fantastic day….. a really professional job.”

Anna & Steven, 14 June 2008, Northcote House,Sunningdale Park



“Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU!  We both loved the DVD and are so happy with what you have given us – the most wonderful memory of our day – it is truly beautiful.  Unable to put into words just how thrilled we are – amazing work.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!”

Mandy & Paul, 24 May 2008, Woodlands Park Hotel, Stoke d’Abernon


“Wow! You are a genius! We love our DVD! We had the most fabulous day and you’ve captured all of it and even the lovely little details, which we wouldn’t remember otherwise. We love all of it but especially how you have used our chosen music, the footage of Samuel, the Cake Cutting sequence is fantastic set to Andrea Bocelli! – and our Cake looks amazing, my Dad and Chloe dancing to the music credits is brilliant – I missed that on the night, our highlights set to ‘Feeling Good’. We also like how you sectioned the ceremony as we can skip the bits where the Registrar is being really boring!”

Polly & Russell, 26 January 2008,Ye Olde Bell, Hurley


“Dear Ines, what can I say, our Video is beyond stunning!!! Perfect is an understatement. Thank you so much for everything. I don’t know how to thank you for all you effort, hard work, and Attention to Detail (and also for being so lovely!)
Everyone adored it, and it made my mum cry! The creativity and artistic content was masterful.

Your use of music was perfect. I loved the way you used Pachelbel’s canon after the ceremony. It was so beautiful.  We were blown away when you superimposed Louis Armstrong’s actual voice at the end of our First Dance! How magical! The production was so slick and professional – it looked like a movie!

I’m so glad I found you. I can’t imagine anyone else doing a better job. My parents are so so incredibly delighted. You captured the raw emotion and the atmosphere so beautifully. You are a true artist. It would be our pleasure to recommend you to everyone we know.

By the way, James, the best man and Jenny my bridesmaid are now engaged! They came over yesterday and we watched the video with them for the second time. They loved it and were so impressed.

…Thank you once again for giving us a Magical Memento of our special day. My parents send their sincere thanks.”

Rafeef & Michael, 2 November 2008, Gosfield Hall, Gosfield, Essex


“I watched our Wedding DVD again last night, it’s nearly 3 years ago since the wedding and it still brings me so much joy to watch.  I never get bored of watching it and still notice new things every time I see it.  I often get homesick but it’s a perfect way to feel close to all my family and realize how blessed I am having a special family, wedding day & husband.  Ian walked through the door after being away on business (as I was half way through) he insisted he watch the rest with me.  Every time we watch it, it brings us even closer.

I now look forward to sharing it with our children one day………

I just wanted to let you know after 3 years it’s still providing us so much happiness. Thank you !”

Louise & Ian, July 2008 (wedding date 9 September 2005, Great Fosters, Egham, Surrey)